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The importance of social activities in care homes

Loneliness and isolation among residents have become an increasingly worrisome problem within care homes. In fact, 40% of older adults living in care homes experience these emotions. As a result, it is now more important than ever before for care homes to encourage participation in social Read more

What benefits can you claim if you are in a care home and self-funding?

Paying for residential care in a care home is very expensive. In fact, the weekly expense for residence in a care home averages £800, while a place in a nursing home incurs an average cost of £1,078 per week. It is, therefore, no surprise that 96% of UK Care Seekers believe it’s difficult to find Read more

How to stay connected with your loved ones who are in care homes?

Just because your loved one has moved out of their own home, it doesn’t mean that their usual interactions with family and friends have to come to an end. In fact, many care homes, like The Fremantle Trust, encourage residents to see their loved ones at any time and without restriction. And this Read more

Potential care home hazards and how to avoid them

Care homes are designed to be havens for those who require support, but like any environment, they can present potential hazards that, if unaddressed, jeopardise the wellbeing of residents. We’ll explore a wide range of potential care home hazards, from slips and falls to infection control Read more

How often to visit a parent in a nursing home

Caring for a parent in a carel home can be one of the greatest challenges, and knowing how often you should visit them can add even further stress. We understand that you don’t want to overstay your welcome, but equally, you don’t want to make your loved one feel isolated. While the right answer Read more

A Guide to Emergency Respite Care

In times of crisis, emergency respite care becomes a vital resource for caregivers. This guide offers insights and practical advice on accessing immediate support for loved ones, addressing unexpected caregiving challenges, and ensuring the wellbeing of both caregivers and care recipients during Read more

Respite Care for Dementia Patients

Caring for someone with dementia can be extremely challenging, and as a carer, it’s important to take time out to rest and recharge. Whether you need to run some errands, meet friends or take a holiday, respite care is strongly encouraged so that carers can offer support to the best of their Read more

Accessible Days Out In Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is home to a fantastic range of inclusive activities to enjoy this autumn and beyond. Discover wheelchair-friendly attractions, sensory experiences and leisurely walks, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy the county’s rich heritage and natural beauty. Accessible Days Out Read more

5 Best Walks In Buckinghamshire For The Family

While summer may be coming to an end, it doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to stop. In fact, what’s better than throwing on a pair of wellies and a warm coat for a long family walk through the crunchy autumnal leaves? Luckily, Buckinghamshire is home to some fantastic walks, suitable for Read more

5 Family Day Out Ideas In Buckinghamshire

Schools are out for summer! So, get ready to experience a memorable family summer in Buckinghamshire this year. Explore an array of captivating attractions and activities that promise an unforgettable day out for all. From historic sites to outdoor adventures, discover the best ways to create Read more