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On the 15th of December, the vibrant spirit of the holiday season came alive at Mulberry Court as residents hosted a festive celebration with the local school, Chalfont St Peter Academy. 

Pupils were invited to partake in an exciting Christmas jumper design competition, which was judged by residents Betty and Doreen. 

Reflecting on her experience, Doreen, shared sentiments of nostalgia. “The school has changed a lot since I was a student here, and since I worked here as a dinner lady”. 

Issy, Daisy, and Kseniia, the talented creators of the winning designs, were presented with well-deserved certificates and chocolates. Issy, one of the winning students, shared her dedication to the competition, claiming, “I broke my writing arm and was desperate to still participate, so I did my design with my left hand”.

The Christmas jumper design competition not only brought joy and creativity to Mulberry Court but also strengthened the bonds between residents and the local school community, creating a memorable and heartwarming day for all involved.