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Fremantle Leap Year

It was a delight to celebrate the leap-year birthdays of two Icknield Court residents, and it was a day filled with immense joy and memorable moments. Sarah and Bob, not only born on the same day but the same year too, enjoyed receiving their own beautifully crafted cake. 

The birthday twins were chuffed with the overall occasion, sharing their cakes with friends and neighbours across their respective homes. These personalised treats set the tone for what would be a truly joyous day.

The atmosphere reflected the happy occasion, with lively music creating a cheerful and warm environment. Singer and guitarist Jan Robinson performed live, adding to the celebratory mood and entertaining the residents with his musical talents.

Across our care homes at The Fremantle Trust, creating that welcoming environment for our residents is of paramount importance, such as the celebration of birthdays and any other notable events of personal significance. 

By honouring two of our residents, it also showcased Icknield Court’s commitment to making their day special and creating meaningful memories with those we care about. The happiness and laughter that filled the room served as a reminder of the importance of coming together to celebrate life’s special moments.

Sarah, one of our two residents celebrating their leap-day birthdays, was overjoyed with how the day turned out, remarking, “The cake was delicious and I enjoyed receiving my birthday cards. It was lovely to watch the live entertainment with my friends as well.”