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Residents at Icknield Court recently enjoyed a soothing session of Shibashi – Taichi Qigong Shibashi – led by Sue Stuart, the Director of Memory Partners, alongside her enthusiastic team of five students on April 3rd. 

Shibashi, translating to 18 fluid movements, incorporates gentle stretches and synchronised breathing exercises. Remarkably, this ancient Taichi practice now has a global following of over 10 million practitioners!

Studies have demonstrated the significant benefits of Shibashi, with its breathing exercises proven to alleviate both mental and physical stress, while its rhythmic rocking movements promote improved circulation and digestion, particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory ailments like asthma. What’s more, Shibashi’s adaptable nature – suitable for both seated and standing positions – means that residents of all physical abilities can take part.

Sue Faulkner, our dedicated Community and Lifestyle Manager, is passionate about promoting physical activity among our residents. She firmly believes that regular exercise is vital for everyone’s wellbeing and is continuously exploring innovative approaches to motivate residents to participate. In fact, she claims that “regular exercise is so important for everyone and we are always looking for new ways to encourage residents to participate. Shibashi is a win-win with all of its benefits and the fact that it can be done standing, seated or even in bed is a big bonus”.

After the Shibashi session, residents like Joy and Kathleen couldn’t wait to share their thoughts. Joy remarked, “It was such a joyous experience, and I felt incredibly relaxed afterwards,” while Kathleen noted, “Despite my arthritis, I found the exercises quite manageable and enjoyable.” Their feedback spoke volumes, highlighting how Shibashi is not just accessible but also enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their physical condition.

At Fremantle, our dedication to resident wellbeing shines through in our huge and exciting range of events that we host regularly, from armchair Zumba, bowling and even nutrition and hydration days. 

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